Civil Air Patrol

Martin Squadron conducts cadet staff training weekend

Middle River, Md. – Glenn L. Martin Squadron members attended cadet staff training in March.

Thirteen cadets participated in an extensive training activity. Cadet command staff led the training. c/LtCol Michael Gentle, c/Maj Bart Bartgis and c/Capt Joseph Mancini planned and taught the entire class. (more…)

U.S.-Soviet rescue satellites fly above the politics of Earth

Swathed in clouds and pelted by rain, the small plane struggled for altitude as it approached the pine-clad southeastern slope of Mount Cheaha, Alabama’s highest peak, in the late afternoon of Nov. 19, 1984.


Suddenly a violent downward gust slammed the single-engine Cessna into the trees. The pilot, 53-year-old Howard Alexander, was trapped in the wreckage, immobilized with spinal injuries. His wife and 13-year-old daughter – both unhurt – could do little but build a fire and hope that their emergency radio beacon was working.


CAP unit helps with NDA telethon

White Marsh Squadron (MD) – The squadron assisted the Muscular Dystrophy Association in preparing some 130,000 envelopes for the MDA Telethon, held Labor Day weekend at the WMAT-TV studios.


CAP search for missing woman in Sykesville

A 79-year-old woman reportedly suffering from Alzheimer’s disease was found dead early yesterday in a steep Carroll county ravine after being reported missing from her home early Sunday, State Police in Westminster said.

Investigators found no signs of violence on the body of Mildred King Limburg, who apparently strolled away from the Fairhaven retirement community in Sykesville while her husband slept. Charles Limburg, 78, told police that his wife, apparently in good physical health but hampered by poor vision and memory problems associated with Alzheimer’s disease, was gone when he awoke at 9:32 a.m. Sunday.


CAP teaches discipline at a young age

“As you were!” barked 18-year-old Glen Harris. Three cadets, approximately 14 years old went back to. Sitting and talking at a table in the recreation room at McCormick Elementary School.

The cadets are members of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) in Rosedale’s squadron. The Civil Air Patrol and the United States Air Force maintain a civilian-military relationship which is based on CAP being the Air Force’s auxiliary. There are 28 squadrons in Maryland divided into five groups in a wing. There are 5 wings, or, one for each state.


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