Civil Air Patrol

Martin Squadron cadet presented Earhart Award

Middle River, Md. – Glenn L. Martin Squadron cadet presented the Amelia Earhart Award on 4 April 2013.

c/Capt Joseph Mancini earned Amelia Earhart Award 16014 in March 2013. LtCol Bill Parris, Maryland Wing vice-commander and LtCol Chris Howell, Group 2 commander, presented Cadet Mancini his award. The Amelia Earhart Award marked the completion of phase 3 of the CAP Cadet Program, with the ultimate goal of earning the Gen. Carl A. Spaatz Award. (more…)

Martin Squadron supports Boy Scout Aviation Day

Middle River, Md. – Glenn L. Martin Composite Squadron members supported Boy Scout Aviation Day at Martin State Airport on 23 March 2013.

Members established a display and recruiting area showcasing all of Civil Air Patrols missions. (more…)

Martin Squadron conducts cadet staff training weekend

Middle River, Md. – Glenn L. Martin Squadron members attended cadet staff training in March.

Thirteen cadets participated in an extensive training activity. Cadet command staff led the training. c/LtCol Michael Gentle, c/Maj Bart Bartgis and c/Capt Joseph Mancini planned and taught the entire class. (more…)

U.S.-Soviet rescue satellites fly above the politics of Earth

Swathed in clouds and pelted by rain, the small plane struggled for altitude as it approached the pine-clad southeastern slope of Mount Cheaha, Alabama’s highest peak, in the late afternoon of Nov. 19, 1984.


Suddenly a violent downward gust slammed the single-engine Cessna into the trees. The pilot, 53-year-old Howard Alexander, was trapped in the wreckage, immobilized with spinal injuries. His wife and 13-year-old daughter – both unhurt – could do little but build a fire and hope that their emergency radio beacon was working.


CAP unit helps with NDA telethon

White Marsh Squadron (MD) – The squadron assisted the Muscular Dystrophy Association in preparing some 130,000 envelopes for the MDA Telethon, held Labor Day weekend at the WMAT-TV studios.


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